Special Edition Series - 204SE

Special Edition Series - 204SE
Special Edition Series - 204SE
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Seating Capacity

Seats 7 Adults


86 inch x 86 inch x 36 inch

Water Capacity

370 US Gallons / 1,400 Litres

Dry/Filled Weight

698 lbs dry / 3,650 lbs wet


Two 5.0SPL Dual Speed


50 sq. ft.

Features & Options

Spa Structure

Over 20 years of engineering expertise and innovation go into every IPG Spa. We carefully match spa components for peak performance and long life. Every spa is tested and only those components that meet our stringent standards are put into service.

Cascading Waterfall

Our cascading waterfall creates ambiance and a soothing atmosphere simply by adjusting it's on/off valve located conveniently on the deck. The wide sheet flow is even LED lit to enhance your spa experience.

LED Safety and Mood Light

Each IPG Spa is equipped with an LED light for added safety when entering or exiting the spa. The multi-coloured and sequenced LED light show is only one part of the relaxing IPG Spas experience.

Interior Perimeter Lighting

Strategically placed perimeter LED lights that produce a soft, pastel colour will soothe your senses while you soak. No harsh, in your face colours here.

Ozone Treatment System

IPG Spas Ozone Treatment System uses the latest in Corona Discharge (CD) technology to produce ozone. However, just producing ozone isn't enough. Our custom injection plumbing system ensures that the ozone being made is introduced into the spa water with enough contact time to oxidize contaminents. The result is small bubbles of ozone entering your spa; clear and clean water, and less chemical cost to maintain water quality.

All-Active Hydrotherapy Jets with Styled Styled Stainless Steel Trim

Unlike other brands that use diverter valves meaning you have to choose which group of jets can be on at any one time, IPG Spas employs an "All-Active" therapy approach. Bathers can turn on each and every jet concurrently to enjoy the maximum hydrotherapy experience. This includes water jets, air jets and waterfalls. Stainless Steel jets are styled with a raised charcoal colored accent.


Protecting the frame and equipment from the cold wet ground is a thermoformed ABS pan. This barrier of recycled material, with raised equipment platforms, keeps unwanted elements from entering the spa cavity, such as moisture, insects and rodents. It has been designed to accommodate an easy access drain valve so you don't have to remove a panel in order to drain the spa.

Black Rhino Sure-Steel Frame

Often overlooked when deciding what spa to purchase, the frame is one of the most important features. It needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the spa itself, the water and all bathers. IPG Spas powder-coated Black Rhino Sure-Steel frame has been designed and engineered for a long life. The powder-coated steel eliminates the chance of rust or degradation. In addition, we are helping to save our forests by not using traditional wood frames.


Our recycled synthetic cabinets are designed to look and feel like real finish wood without the drawbacks such as warping, fading, and the constant need for maintenance. Engineered in three layers for superior performance. An aesthetically pleasing colour fast cabinet exterior layer is strengthened with a backing of strong pvc. The third layer is a thick slab of high-density foam insulation, providing addition heat retention and energy savings.

Teleweir "Intellegent" Skim Filter

IPG Spas feature an intelligent skimmer system that adjusts to your spa's water level accordingly. The sliding vain weir moves with your spa water level to ensure maximum skimming of surface debris.

Access to the cartridge as simple as lifting the easy to remove weir, basket and sleeve assembly which expose's the threaded in cartridge. The vain weir is easily removed from the filter sleeve so you can dump debris out of the basket.

IPG Spas are built to be simple to use with little maintenance. Why should the filtration system be any different?


Why ROXUL is better than the alternative

IPG Spas thermal retention system consists of multi-layered moisture-resistant thermal insulating ROXUL individually wrapped in a GreenGuard envelope. ROXUL® is a mineral wool that is a naturally occurring byproduct of volcanic activity in the Hawaiian islands. Our GreenGuard enveloped insulation allows for quick and easy access to the spa plumbing and components should servicing be necessary and eliminating the traditional blown-in foam insulation that was costly to replace during servicing. An additional layer of insulation is fastened directly to the cabinet interior itself retaining any heated created by pump operation. This system leaves your spa wrapped in a blanket of insulation, maintaining the highest R-value and reducing energy consumption.

Environmentaly Friendly ROXUL® is made from balsat and over 40% recycled slag and has been tested and approved to GreenGuard Certification.

Water Repellent ROXUL® does not absorb water or hold moisture so its R-value is not compromised like traditional "pink" insulation.

Sound Absorption As an added bonus ROXUL® has sound dampening qualities so you can enjoy the ambient sounds created by the spa water swirling around. ROXUL® can reduce the intensity and propagation of noise.

Fire Resistant Highly fire resistant and impervious to insects and rodents this recycled product is environmentally friendly. ROXUL® does not contribute either to the development and spread of fire or the release of toxic gases.

Deluxe Audio System

Our optional Deluxe Audio system offers the most choices when it comes to having your favorite songs in your spa. It is AM/FM and supports MP3/USB/SD/MMC media so you can easily bring your collection of downloaded music spa side. With several built in features, like the music genre equalizer, you can soak while listening to concert like sound inside the spa as well as listen to music while you rest outside the spa.

Turbo Air Blower with Aromatherapy

A completely different type of hydrotherapy experience as a complement to standard water jets. Turn on these air-injected jets separately or in conjunction with the High Flow Hybrid Pumps to add to the overall massage experience. Lets not forget that with the addition of this option we also include aromatherapy. A dispensing canister, located on the deck of the spa, allows you to add a container of fragrance beads. These beads erode away as air passes over them, sending the wonderful scents into the spa water and the air above the spa water surface. Relax your mind as these scents transform you.

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